The Battle belongs to the Lord

Hey everyone I hope and pray that all is well with the people this morning. My family has had a very busy week this week in the battle with the Deep State Court System. Now last month we had scheduled Another “emergency” court hearing about the abuse of my grandchildren in CPS Custody. Judge Vance told Gulf Coast Family Services to expedite the move of my grandchildren from the custody of the pedophile and child predator Sheila Lee. We missed our visits that day and because we missed it the transporter sent us pictures. We saw that both of them had black eyes and fresh strangulation marks. The family who are supposed to be getting the girls have been waiting, calling the caseworker Keanu who has refused to answer the phone and in three weeks Still hadn’t answered but he lied in court and said that he never heard from Mr. P. On Tuesday this week my son called Maira Martinez to confirm our visit for Thursday and Friday this past week because we missed the last week visit. Maira Martinez told my son that she doesn’t care what the judge said that it’s what She(Maira) says that goes. So Joseph asked just to be clear ” So you’re telling me that you’re not going to abide by what the judge said”? And Maira said “I am the case manager and what I say goes and your visit is Friday for one hour instead of two hours and there won’t be any make up hours.” Joseph said okay I’m calling the judge and I’m going to tell her what you said. She said wait, you really have the judge’s number? Joseph laughed and hung up the phone and called the Judge immediately and left a message. He called her again at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning and she happened to answer. My Son repeated to her what Maira Martinez had said to him about his visits and the severe abuse that they have been Purposely subjected to by CPS and DCF who in this case actually Facilitated the original molestation of my grandchildren. She said she would call him back. Joseph called me and told me that there was a hearing at 2:00 pm and he was working out of County so I went. It was kind of awesome to see Ms. Martinez unable to look at me at all because today I was smiling like the sun. Judge Vance got my Son on the phone to question him about his conversation with her on Tuesday. Then it was Ms Martinez turn to speak and lies began to spew immediately and my Son said excuse me your honor I don’t mean to interrupt but she is lying. She never said any of that to me. Maira turn to speak again. Mr O’Neal was so busy calling me so many bad names. Judge Vance cut her off and told her I don’t blame him, look what you’re trying to do to him over his court ordered visits. Nothing you say over rides what I say. She also told her that we had better not ever be in court again regarding Mr. O’Neal’s visits because as she said we don’t need this drama. What drama you might ask? Because even after the emergency hearing grandaughters had not been moved so this week I and my son put in complaint forms against the Asst AG, the Guardian ad Litem Program and CPS Again and we also wrote a letter to our new Governor and State Rep Charlie Crist who forwarded my letter to someone else who had contacted the Judge as well as Gulf Coast Family Services. We won on Wednesday and my Son’s lawyer told me to ask my Son Not to be calling the Judge because she hates that. I laughed and said I know she does. I said don’t Norman it’s almost over and we’re going to win because God is good. He answered I hope so. I know so hallelujah. Anyway fast forward to Friday January 11, 2018. We arrived for our visit at the library and as soon as the girls got there Athena said ” Daddy why can’t we go home with you? Ms Sheila strangles us when she gets angry. The transporter said what did she just say? Athena repeated herself and the transporter called Maira and told her what was said. We did our visit reading and coloring a bit but my Son called Mr. P and told him that the girls are being strangled for sure and why hasn’t he said anything yet? Mr P told Joseph that he had been calling and calling Gulf Coast case worker Keanu Robles for weeks and he won’t answer. So they hung up and Mr. P called him again. I sent an email to the ig who supposedly investigating before they move my grandchildren. I reminded them that signing off on falsified court documents does not equal investigation it equals the Same third degree felony as the falsification itself. I accused them of child trafficking. The children fell apart as they were leaving. My son and I went to Gulf Coast Family Services after the visit to the to the so called “big” boss Paula. The lady at the front desk visibly shaken said she’s in a staffing. Well we don’t want to talk to Maira so we will wait. Maira and Keanu came down anyway. They record every single thing in that building so naturally I went on and on about the pedophile and child predator Sheila Lee. Maira had the unmitigated GALL to say that their investigators had not yet found evidence of abuse. I responded with we have 56 pictures of injuries that have drawn blood and the strangulation marks we’re visible and obvious. My son’s demanding that Sheila Lee be put in jail for abusing his children and that Maira needs to be jailed as well for trying to cover her crimes. We demanded that the children be moved immediately meaning today. Maira was mostly silent after my tirade about child trafficking and the crimes Against Children. She looked like she was peeing in her chair. The caseworker called my Son’s lawyer to confirm that the girls are being moved. The Judge called Maira yesterday as well and chewed her face off again. The thing about Gulf Coast is that there are 16 of their clients writing the exact same letters and emails that my family is writing and all of us are making it clear that we want Justice for our children and we want criminal Traffickers to go to jail. One of the victims of Gulf Coast also wrote all over Gulf Coast parking lot Child Traffickers in huge pink letters. Yesterday was a very bad day for Gulf Coast Family Services. We the People are not going to stop until Gulf Coast Family Services is no longer even in existence. My son and I are United in the idea that we need to make impossible for these people to just freely kidnap and abuse this Community’s Children any longer. What we’re doing is working. Thank God for wisdom and guidance and His perfect Will in this situation. Keep the faith everybody and please keep putting the Corrupt on blast. Blessings to all.


Copy of the the link to the petition to get my grandchildren released from CPS Custody. I have been through the ringer this week. I have gotten my group to write to the new Governor there’s about seven of us currently. We have also put out complaint forms for Every Officer of the Courts for our particular cases. I have hope that what we are doing is working. The atmosphere in the court room lately is markedly different today than it had been at the beginning. The air doesn’t hold so much arrogance and insolence. My son that he could feel fear in the air. I have been on a major campaign to remind all these Criminals that they are Not above the law. Because these Criminals have purposely destroyed my family for the sake of Trafficking these two beautiful God blessed babies the entire evil National Crime of children being Trafficked by the American Court System has been destroyed by their own greed and Corruption. I expect my God to deliver us all from the evil. God is good, still on His throne and I know that He’s with my family and so many others who have been destroyed by these people.

Watch “#PIZZAGATE #SNUFFFILMS #BRAINHARVEY #SEVENGATE Missing children” on YouTube I don’t know about anyone else but I believe that We the People should be screaming from the roof tops about this and pushing back against the Luciferian System that supplies pedophiles with victims to rape and abuse even to the point of murder. I remind President Trump of his campaign promise no less than eight times a month. It is the court system destroying us and they don’t even try to hide it anymore. They just commit these heinous crimes in your face and when your child is harmed and abused in CPS custody, all the guardians and caseworkers work diligently to cover up the crime and will insist regardless of picture Evidence that children remain in the custody of a child predator. Heaven forbid that she lose her $3,000 a month grooming fee. Our children are dying. Being sold into slavery and death by CPS and DCF and the Guardian ad Litem Program. Judge’s are also involved as well as the AG office. If we don’t stand up and advocate for our own families we are doomed.

January 3,2019 continuation of the so called “emergency court hearing” regarding the children being strangled. The Supervisor from Gulf Coast has had a Pediatrician from USF prepare documentation that the strangulation marks are skin disorder. Then the transporter sent these pictures. My son cried hard today. This Community has had enough of this abuse of power and violation of civil and constitutional rights so that the so called Family Court System can prosper. That whole side of the table are the only ones committing crimes for the purpose of keeping my grandchildren in the custody of the child predator Sheila Lee. The Asst AG and Guardian ad Litem Program both argued for leaving them there. They build the case for child trafficking themselves by their continued lies and crimes.